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Denver Madressa Taalimul Islam

The post war climate together with the rising apartheid ideologies in South Africa ensured limited opportunities for education for Indian children. The Indian community living in Denver and surrounding suburbs (Cleveland, Jeppe, etc) was growing with a number of young families. Denver alone was home to 141 families. The community members saw a dire need for a school for the children. Under the chairmanship of Hajee Mohamed Fakir Laher (Hafejeebhai) a school was started in 1937 – the Denver Indian Government School. The school catered for children as far afield as Alberton and Kempton Park. The school was formally registered in 1943 with a role of 200+ children from Grade 1 to Grade 7. Along with the school, the community needed a madressah and Denver Madressah Taalimul Islam was established at the same time. School classes were conducted at the premises in the morning and madressah classes in the afternoon. Very soon the school became the hub of the Denver community with the premises being used for community events, taraweeh salaah, nikahs and walimahs. Group areas affected the Denver community as well as surrounding communities starting in the 60’s. By the 70’s majority of the families were displaced and had settled in the allocated Indian areas particularly Lenasia. The school and madressah continued successfully until a notice from the government forced its closure on the 31 December 1973. However salaah continued regularly at the Denver Musallah. Hafez Ismail Rasoolbhai Laily was the Imaam from 1955 until his death in 2005.The administration and upkeep of the school and madressah and later the musallah was handled by Brother Shabir Ahmed Laher from 1958 until his retirement in 2018. The care and upkeep of the Denver Taalimul Islam was passed to the directors and trustees of Zia ul Badr under the leadership


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