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Tribute to Late Hafez Dawood Daya (R.A)

"A humble servant and pillar of Strength"

Hafez Saheb taught at Madressa Quwwatul Islam, Germiston. He then became the Imaam and Ustad of the Potgietersrus Jamaat where he served the community for over 35 years. Many students studied and benefitted under his tutelage and many completed their Hifz Ul Quraan. many of whom furthered their studies and qualified as Aalims. Hafez Saheb was looked upon by many for guidance and advice. He passed away on the 24th July 2001 after an illness of about 18 months.

Hafez Saheb was one of the Founding Members and a Director of MZB.

Tribute to Late M.L Sulaiman Ganchi (R.A)

"A man who made you smile"

Born on the 11th of September 1950 in Benoni where he attended school. Moulana then furthered his studies in Dabhel, Hardoi and Jalalabad. Moulana spent his time in the company of many pious ulama of this day and age. On his return to South Africa he served different Muslim communities and joined Darul Uloom Zakaria in Lenasia. On the 26th of October, 2013 Moulana returned Brazil and on his way to Darul Uloom Zakaria passed away in an accident, literally meters away from the Darul Uloom. Thousands of people from all walks of life attended his Janaazah.

Moulana was one of the Founding Members and a Director of MZB

Tribute to Late Hajee Ebrahim Ahmed Essa (R.A)

"A passionate and generous soul"

Hajee Ebrahim was a founding member of MZB, who served passionately as director since inception. He dedicated much of his life to MZB and it’s growth. His contributions and commitment have ensured many successful projects materialised. He purchased a home for his family in 1990 across the road from Masjid Zia Ul Badr. Hajee Ebrahim had an unmatched generosity of spirit that welcomed and comforted all those he met.

He passed away on Saturday the 21 March 2020. May Allah expand and illuminate his qabr with noor, may he be granted the highest stage of Jannatul firdose.

Tribute to Late Younus Manack (R.A)

"A man with solutions"

Younus Manack was born on the 5th April 1949 in Glencoe.  He joined the Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr in 1990 after moving to Jeppestown in the late 1980s. He was well acquainted with the community and it’s needs. From then his unwavering support , guidance and wisdom shaped the organisation over the years. He was often called upon to  give guidance over matters and could be depended on to always make the right decision. He was able to work alongside the youth as well as his peers and did so with grace and ease. He will be remembered as strong, forthright and straightforward man who was able to articulate himself in a respectful manner. Being available to assist wherever needed and in any capacity was just one of his outstanding qualities amongst many. His brilliant mind and ability to sit in a meeting, not take notes but give a precise and accurate report on the discussions that took place was admirable. 

Marhoom Younus Manack passed away on 2 September 2021. His loss is a great one, to his family and community, we ask Allah to illuminate his qabr with noor and grant him Jannatul Firdose.


Tribute to Late Shabier Ahmed Cajee (R.A)

"A man with high principles and vision"

Invariably and inevitably, during the course of time, some from us depart from the earth. But it is only Allah Ta’ala who gives us the strength to bear our irreparable losses. The present world is little more than a preview of the next world, a fleeting glimpse of the real and lasting blessings which fall to our lot in paradise.Born on 28th October 1952 Shabier Ahmed Cajee, It was a privilege for us members of Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr, to have been part of Marhoom Shabier Cajee’s life. Although much too short, his, was a life well lived!cHe was a determined, visionary, collaborative, goal- orientated, caring person who loved life and all that it offered. His association with us goes a long wayback, a time when MZB was still in its infancy stage. Marhoom’s contributions were powerful and his work ethic more than remarkable. Energy, commitment, integrity are all words that begin to capture our image of Marhoom Shabier. His enthusiasm for that next big project was infectious, and a huge component of his and his colleague’s success. We wish that we had many more like him. But he was one of a kind and will be sorely missed as a colleague and friend. Marhoom, a carring and beloved family man, a cherished father will be missed by many, but never will he be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to have known him.

Sadly on Sunday 23rd September 2018 Brother Shabier Ahmed Cajee passed away. May Allah fill Marhoom’s qabr with noor.

Tribute to Late Zahid Essop (R.A)

"A dedicated human being"

Born on 14th August 1980 spent his early childhood and primary education in Actonville. The family moved to Lenasia South where he completed his Primary and Secondary Education. As a young boy he was keen in assisting humanity and voluntarily rendered his services at the Lenasia South Hospital. Upon completing matric he studied Sports Therapy at the M.L. Sultan Tech in Durban. Zahid worked as a Sports Therapist when the family relocated to Mayfair. He completed his First Aid and Basic Life Support Course, after which he worked at the Milpark Trauma Unit, he the joined The Netcare 911 Emergency Paramedic Team. He also joined the GMSS in Mayfair and got involved in assisting with burials and was associated with CIT, FMYO & MZB. In 2013 he became actively involved with the MZB FUNDRAISING DINNER.

On Saturday 12th October 2013 on his way to escort a Janazah in Bosmont, metres away from the Newclare Cemetary and Bosmont Masjid met up in a freak accident and took his last breath.

Tribute to Late Rabia Kolia (R.A)

"Calm and beautiful nature"

We had the pleasure to meet Aunty Rabia and work alongside her at our fundraising events. She volunteered herself wherever there was a need and did so effortlessly. She will be remembered for her calm and beautiful nature, as she ensured all tasks were completed smoothly.

Sadly, Aunty Rabia passed away 23 June 2021. May Allah illuminate her qabr and reunite us in Jannatul Firdose.

Tribute to Late Ismail Lockhat (R.A)

"A man of vision and wisdom"

A stalwart in the Fordsburg/ Mayfair community who was well known and loved by both his peers and the many students he taught over the years. Ismail Lockhat volunteered not only his time to MZB but he imparted wisdom in the time he spent volunteering. As a community we will always be indebted to him.

Sadly he passed away on the 11 July 2021. May Allah bless him generously and grant him Jannatul Firdose.

Tribute to Late Hassen Karolia (R.A)

"A man dedicated to his community"

Hassen Karolia was a dedicated attorney and took part in many community projects and served many organisations. In 2012 Madressa Zia-Ul-Badr built a Darul Hifz Complex and planned to have a Fundraising Dinner in March 2013. He was also the editor of The Fordsburg Independant Newspaper. Brother Hassan gave us full coverage in the Newspaper. From there on a very special relationship was established with MZB. Sadly on the 31st of March 2014 Brother Hassan passed away. 

Brother Hassan was one of our programme directors of the MZB FUNDRAISING DINNER.

Tribute to Late Aslam Laher (R.A)

"Everlasting smile"

Aslam joined MZB as a volunteer where he gave of his technical expertise from behind the scenes ensuring seamless presentations and other system operations. He always wore a smile and made the load lighter by turning thoughts into a reality we could envision. A humble, dedicated and passionate volunteer that we are so grateful to have worked beside, he will be sorely missed by the MZB family.

He passed away on 25 October 2021 shortly after being diagnosed with his illness. May Allah elevate Marhoom Aslams status, grant him Jannatul Firdose, give sabre jameel to his family and reward him continually for all his hardwork and commitment to MZB and all our projects.



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