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Fathers Home

A centre of caring for Fathers
  • Dedicated team, staff and volunteers

A Background to the Establishment of the MZB Father’s Home.

“The light and beauty of the fourteenth Moon” that is the meaning of “Zia-Ul-Badr”. Truly this light shines brightly in the middle of Jeppestown.

Following on the success of the MZB Mothers Home in Jeppestown, which opened on 24 September 2014, Alhamdulillah a dilapidated house just across the road from the Mothers Home was purchased and thus began the task of reconstructing it into a Fathers Home.

The foundation was laid on 27 July 2016 and the official opening took place on the 9 of August 2017 by Ml Abbaas Ali Zuber Ali Saheb. MZB Father’s Home is a residential home for Muslim men who need a place to stay in their old age where they can be cared for.

The same amount of care, consideration and passion that went into the planning of the Mothers Home, went into the planning of the Fathers. Our Fathers Home even before it was furnished exuded warmth and comfort. Our vision of creating a home away from home started out slowly and was meticulously planned, from the linen colour schemes, furniture, frames, garden etc.

We have taken our first admission on 1 October 2017. Alhamdulillah our dedicated team, staff and volunteers ensure that our Fathers are cared for in a respectable and dignified manner.

As we look forward to future developments of our dreams, we can only ask Allah SWT to guide us and use us in a manner that will uplift our Ummah,


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