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Mothers Home

A centre of caring for Mothers
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A Background to the Establishment of the MZB Mother’s Home.

It was a bitterly cold Johannesburg winters evening when Qari Moosa Seedat received a call from a long standing friend who was always involved in community services. An elderly Muslim lady from the community had not been seen for a couple of days and was not answering various forms of communication by the people attempting to get hold of her. The Qari immediately notified the police and fire department and together they went to investigate the situation.

On arrival they knocked numerous times on the door and when there was no reply they peered through the window. They noticed that the house keys were on a table near the door, convincing them that the lady was inside the house. The fire department proceeded to unlock the door and what they found inside was something Qari Moosa vowed that he never want to see again. The women had died days ago and her body was decomposing already. Her children lived overseas so she was staying all by herself without anyone to care for her . Seeing a muslim mother/sister like this had a profound effect on the Qari. An incident he will never forget.

This incident happened about 25 years ago and it planted a seed and a dream of opening a home which eventually today became a goal in reality by the opening of Zia-ul-Badr Mothers home in Jeppestown, Johannesburg.

Madressa Zia-ul-Badr Mothers home will be a home for Muslim women who need a place of comfort to stay in their old age where they can be cared for.

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